Katie’s Kandy; A Sugar Sweet Story

Pittsburgh — During a snack walk around the city, we had a chance to stop into Katie’s Kandy located on Wood Street.

Bright colors lit up the space as candy-filled containers stretched along the walls.

With selections including Clark Bars, Goo Goo Clusters, Gold Rock Candy, and Bubble Gum, Katie’s is referred to as the “haven for nostalgic candy”.

At the time, a mother and daughter were working together.

“This is my relaxation,” the mother says. “I work at a very stressful job during the day. . .and then I come here.”

The two are able to bond over running the store.

When Katie’s gets “new” candy, they have to try it and make sure it’s fresh.

“I say ‘Um no Honey, that’s not new. We had these 20 years ago,’ and we go through it,” the mother says.

With over 400 choices of bulk candy, there’s something there for everyone. Glass-bottled sodas, pinatas, and colorful cards are sold as well.

“When you’re leaving you’re definitely happy,” the mother says.

Katie’s Kandy, located in four stores on Wood Street, Fifth Avenue, in the Clark Building, and in the Federated Tower, is accessible to anyone in downtown Pittsburgh.


Getting the Right Picture with an iPhone Camera; Campus Sights

Among all the unique qualities of Point Park University, the best is the campus sights located right in the heart of Pittsburgh.

Walking around, it is hard to not stop and take pictures of the unique architecture and all the skylines.

But how do you get the right picture? This is a common issue for many students as they don’t always carry the proper camera equipment and only have the camera on their iPhone.

How can you tweet a picture of your new home if your pictures are turning out too light or too dark?

In a lesson with PPU Grad student Rebecca Lessner, we learned how to do just that.

When taking pictures on an iPhone there are a few settings that can help you achieve the right picture.

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. In photography it is the range from the lightest point to the darkest point that can be seen in a photo. When taking a picture, turn on HDR and your subject will be properly lit with a better balance of contrast.

Sky walk
Boulevard of the Allies Sky walk
Academic Hall

Though you cannot always rely on this effect, oftentimes it will help you achieve a greater picture.

Use the AE/AF Lock on your iPhone to access a perfect focus in a photo. To do this, hold your screen on the area you want to focus. You will notice a yellow box appear quickly around that area and your screen should read “AE/AF LOCK”.


This is most effective in videos because it will stay focused on the subject you want instead of switching to a new subject.

The last and easiest tip is to just tap on an area where there is too much light coming into the picture. This should also help balance the light exposure in a photo.

Hello Bistro
Studio View

It is best to never take a picture with too much light behind your subject, however if you can’t get to an area with better lighting, just tapping the screen will do wonders.

Adjusting the light and color levels after taking a picture is also always resourceful in getting the picture you’re looking for.

Try using these tips to achieve the best pictures of your campus and all the surrounding sights.


McKeesport Senior Runs ‘Did Shane Graduate?’ Twitter Page, Revealed After Graduation

“Did Shane Graduate?” Twitter account tweets “no” for over a year. Finally, the answer has changed.

MCKEESPORT — The truth is revealed!!

Jarred M D’Amico has been running the “Did Shane Graduate?” twitter page for over a year, and now finally everyone (including Shane) has found out.

For anyone who has kept up with the twitter page, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is here!! Finally the answer is yes!

As heard in Shane’s graduation speech, he’s used the same quote in every sticky situation throughout his four years of high school. If he was caught in the hall without a pass, he’d answer “I’m just trying to graduate.” If he’d fail a test, again he’d say, “I’m just trying to graduate.”

For those who are unaware of what the page is, allow me to explain. Starting last March, tweets began popping up frequently answering the same question, “Did Shane graduate?” Of course, every time the answer would be no. Once October hit, the tweet was posted nearly everyday.

Things got exciting when the page finally released a tweet in May reading “almost”.

Shane’s famous quote became so famous, along with the once anonymous twitter page, that he even had a Snapchat filter made that asked “Did Shane graduate?” and provided boxes for you to check yes or no.

And eventually, lo and behold, the page tweeted “yes”; Shane did graduate

 This was also published on the Red and Blue’s Facebook page Red & Blue Newspaper.


Article for Tube City Almanac, ‘McKeesport School Board Trims Budget, OK’s Tax Increase’

I covered MASD’s June school board meeting for the Tube City Almanac.

The article includes quotes from the board members after they approve a final budget for the upcoming school year.

McKeesport School Board Trims Budget, OK’s Tax Increase


Article for Tube City Almanac, ‘School Board OK’s Preliminary Budget With 0.63 Mill Tax Hike’

I covered MASD’s May school board meeting for the Tube City Almanac

The article includes quotes from the board after they approve a preliminary budget for the upcoming school year.

School Board OK’s Preliminary Budget With 0.63 Mill Tax Hike


Article for Tube City Almanac, School Board: Employee Accused of Assault Dealt With ‘Appropriately’

I covered MASD’s April school board meeting for the Tube City Almanac.

The article includes quotes from the hearing of citizens as well as the new administrative changes.

School Board: Employee Accused of Assault Dealt With ‘Appropriately’