Katie’s Kandy; A Sugar Sweet Story

Pittsburgh — During a snack walk around the city, we had a chance to stop into Katie’s Kandy located on Wood Street.

Bright colors lit up the space as candy-filled containers stretched along the walls.

With selections including Clark Bars, Goo Goo Clusters, Gold Rock Candy, and Bubble Gum, Katie’s is referred to as the “haven for nostalgic candy”.

At the time, a mother and daughter were working together.

“This is my relaxation,” the mother says. “I work at a very stressful job during the day. . .and then I come here.”

The two are able to bond over running the store.

When Katie’s gets “new” candy, they have to try it and make sure it’s fresh.

“I say ‘Um no Honey, that’s not new. We had these 20 years ago,’ and we go through it,” the mother says.

With over 400 choices of bulk candy, there’s something there for everyone. Glass-bottled sodas, pinatas, and colorful cards are sold as well.

“When you’re leaving you’re definitely happy,” the mother says.

Katie’s Kandy, located in four stores on Wood Street, Fifth Avenue, in the Clark Building, and in the Federated Tower, is accessible to anyone in downtown Pittsburgh.


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