Pittsburgh Riverhounds Rise From Underdogs, Feel Pressure for Playoffs

Dave Brandt recognizes team’s recent struggles, has high hopes for rest of season.

PITTSBURGH — It’s a great feeling to wake up in the City of Champions. As veteran Pittsburgh Riverhound Mike Green puts it after Wednesday morning’s practice at Highmark Stadium, the ’Burgh is known for sports and for winning.

The Pittsburgh Penguins’ and Steelers’ recent major championships have set the bar high, and the ’Hounds – who have no titles — are trying to clear that bar as well.

“We’re a good team who’s been in every single game except one,” head coach Dave Brandt says referring to the team’s 3-0 loss Saturday at Louisville. “But (we) have … not been winning our fair share of them, at least in my opinion.

“So I think we’re a better team than we even think we are, and I think there’s a bright future ahead.”

For Green, a midfielder, the pressure to win is real. Despite that pressure, the city’s passion for sports motivates him.

“(They) love winners,” Green says of Pittsburghers. “We wanna do well obviously not just for ourselves but for the organization, the fans, the people who love the city.

“It does help that the people in Pittsburgh are fanatics, and they love to win. So, we wanna just give that back to them by not only hard work but also wins.”


The Steel City also prides itself on hard work. For Brandt, two of the hardest working players on his team are Corey Hertzog and Kevin Kerr.

“The thing that stands out about those two is incredible work ethic,” Brandt says. “They just will not stop.”

Brandt says Kerr may not be the biggest guy, but he always just keeps going and keeps fighting.

“Corey will just work his tail off as long as you want him to,” Brandt says. “I sometimes think, if we played 180 minutes instead of 90, he would just never stop until he dropped dead of exhaustion or … whatever it is.”

Brandt mentions that a hard work ethic is something to respect and certainly something the city of Pittsburgh values in its sports players.


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